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An End to a Vibrant Season for Varsity Volleyball

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team wrapped up their season this week – finishing with a record of 5-3. The team had a strong, memorable season thanks to their connections to each other and team cooperation.

At their last game of the season, a rainy and cold day, emotions were running high among players, especially seniors, as they recounted all their previous games and celebrated their last game together. The team played an exciting, tense game against Grand Rapids Christian in the MHSAA quarter-finals. Although they ultimately lost, the final score came out to 14-25 in the first match, 13-25, in the second match, and 14-25 in the third and final match. The team’s performance throughout the season showed many strengths. Shelby Horne, the head coach, had this to say: “I am so proud of the work these girls have put into this season, and all the compassion and support I’ve seen from them. They really inspire me to keep doing my best and coaching volleyball.”

The student section was a vibrant source of energy during the games. They consistently cheered on the team, always giving 110%. The enthusiasm from the bleachers was contagious, making it easy for spectators to get excited about the game. In the last game, the student section followed through for the holiday-out theme; reindeer antlers, elves, and a variety of bells and lights could be spotted in the bleachers. 

While the team was sad to see the season come to an end, they were proud of all that they had accomplished, and for those returning, excited for what next year’s season will bring. 

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