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A Fond Farewell: Ms. Behm’s Last Day

It was a bittersweet day for the Eastern community. Ms. Mary Behm is finishing up a chapter of her life and moving on to the adventure that is retirement. Even as we look back on all the moments she has shared with us, we are excited for her and all the new memories she will make in the future.

As head secretary, Ms. Behm ran the office efficiently: providing support and resources to the office staff, working with parents, answering questions, assisting students, and listening to concerns. On top of all of this, Ms. Behm managed the school budget and numerous other building operations. Principal Amy Pallo praised Ms. Behm for her tireless efforts: “The list of things Mrs. Behm does for our school is crazy, and she goes above and beyond in every single thing she does.” Ms. Behm’s countless responsibilities never hindered her positive attitude: “Mary has the contagious kind of positivity that makes you want to see the good in everything! She is always fair, kind, and thoughtful,” Ms. Robin Talcott recounted.

Ms. Behm was always seen with a smile on her face. If someone met her in the halls or in the office, she disguised how busy she was by making time for everyone. “When you are with Mary, she makes you feel like the most important person in the world,” shared Ms. Pallo.

Ms. Pallo has had the honor of working closely with Ms. Behm for the past four years, as they manage the school together. She has learned from and admires Ms. Behm. “Every single thing Mary Behm does is done with grace and compassion. She has the kindest heart and more energy than anyone I have ever met.” 

Always a steadying force, Ms. Behm’s calm, patient disposition has a reassuring effect on everyone around her. Her coworker, Ms. Claire Poole, provided a fountain of praise: “Ms. Behm has been such an important mentor for me. She’s a strong, capable woman, a great role model, and someone I really respect and admire. She will be badly missed!” 

The front office is in good hands with Ms. Behm’s replacement, Ms. JJ Jacobs. Moving from the Athletic office, Ms. Jacobs is more than prepared to take this position.

In addition to the job of head secretary, Ms. Behm led the Global Learners’ Initiative (GLI) at Eastern. GLI promotes inclusion, diversity, and discussion, and thanks to Ms. Behm’s continued support for this club, it has thrived. Current senior Olivia Benedict works with Ms. Behm as the co-president of GLI. Benedict recognizes all that Ms. Behm has done for GLI and emphasized that “[Ms. Behm’s] efforts in GLI are what keeps the organization alive at Eastern.” Benedict summarized her time with Ms. Behm: “It has been lovely to work with her during my high school career. I’ll miss her very much.”

GLI will be different without Ms. Behm, but she has ensured that the club will continue at Eastern by passing the leadership to Mr. Chris Thomas. Mr. Thomas explained how “her organization of GLI has made the club one of the outstanding groups here at Eastern. I will miss her leadership with GLI, but I know she has created a solid foundation for me to follow.” 

Whether managing the operations of the school, providing guidance to parents, leading GLI, or making someone’s day simply with a smile, Ms. Behm has left a powerful impact on our school. Today may have marked the last day of her time working at Eastern, but her place in the Eastern family is eternal. Thank you, Mrs. Behm, for all you have given us. We wish you all the best in your retirement.


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