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Team Name Score
Forest Hills Eastern 28
Kenowa Hills 13

Stadium lights shined down on the field, highlighting the players’ breaths as they competed in the cold last Friday. Forest Hills Eastern’s Varsity team wasn’t the least bit phased by the horrid weather. In this season, Eastern has faced heat waves, pouring rain, and freezing nighttime temperatures. Through it all, Eastern remained strong.

Forest Hills Eastern gained a 28-13 victory over Kenowa Hills. 

For those who were not able to attend the game last Friday, read an accurate account of the details below:

Forest Hills Eastern started with possession of the ball and worked their way down the field for 4:21 minutes. However, this charge was stopped short as they fumbled the ball 30 yards from the endzone. Kenowa Hills picked up possession but were quickly cornered by Eastern’s defense. After 1:06 minutes, Kenowa Hills punted the ball, after only gaining two yards. Eastern began at their own 44-yard line and worked their way into the endzone in 2:59 minutes. Ashton Thompson (‘22) made the touchdown with a 19-yard line. 6-0. Eastern tried for an extra point but was blocked. 

Eastern kicked the ball, and Kenowa Hills began their offense at their own 17-yard line. They advanced 1 yard in 1:52 minutes before punting the ball. Eastern gained possession at their 41-yard line, kept the ball for 4:09 minutes, then lost the ball from downs at Kenowa’s 26-yard line.

Jake Heemstra (’24) completes a two-point conversion.

Heading into the second quarter, Kenowa Hills spent 2:44 minutes battling against Eastern’s defense before finally making a touchdown. They also got an extra point. 6-7.

Twenty seconds after Kenowa Hills kicked the ball back to Eastern’s offense, Bryson Kuzdzal (‘23) scored a touchdown. In addition to the touchdown, they successfully completed a two-point extra pass from Drew Patten (‘24) to Jake Heemstra (‘23). 14-7.

Kenowa Hills had possession of the ball for 1:43 minutes, then punted it at their own 24-yard line. Eastern got the ball. They had possession for 1:04 minutes before making yet another touchdown. Brayden Stratbucker (‘22) threw a 64-yard pass to Thompson. Clune VanAndel (‘23) gained an extra post-touchdown point for Eastern, bringing the score to 21-7. 

From that touchdown, there was a series of short possessions. Forest Hills Eastern intercepted the kick, kept the ball for 55 seconds, then was intercepted by Kenowa Hills at their 48-yard line. Kenowa Hills kept the ball for 1:23 minutes, then fumbled it at the Hawk’s 32-yard line. Forest Hills Eastern’s team then had the ball for 1:23 minutes. Then the first half of the game ended. 

Eastern’s defense tackles a Kenowa Hills player.

After the marching band finished their songs, the game was ready to resume. Kenowa Hills had possession of the ball at their 33-yard line, evaded Eastern’s defense for 1:15 minutes, then fumbled it at Eastern’s 33-yard line. Eastern picked up the ball, but only moved 2 yards before punting it after 1:40 minutes. Kenowa Hills kept the ball for 2:22 minutes before losing it by running out of downs. In those 2:22 minutes, Kenowa Hills only advanced 6 yards, thanks to Eastern’s defense. Eastern had the ball for 2:58 minutes, advancing from their 43-yard line to their 50-yard line. Kenowa Hills intercepted the ball, then made a touchdown in the following 39 seconds. 20-13. Eastern successfully blocked their extra point attempt.

Forest Hills Eastern started their play on their 47-yard line, then lost the ball on their 46-line after 2:01 minutes of fighting. Eastern punted the ball. A similar fate awaited Kenowa Hills. They started on their 47-yard line, then punted the ball at their 48-yard line. Once again with possession, Eastern started the fourth quarter strong with a 72-yard run by Kuzdzal, then an extra-point kick by VanAndel. 28-13.

Stratbucker (’22) catches the ball at the beginning of a play.

For the rest of the game, the ball passed back and forth between teams, neither seeming to be able to get points in. First, Kenowa Hills fumbled the ball after advancing a total of 5 yards in 2:38 minutes. Eastern ran out of downs 3:13 minutes. They traveled 25 yards towards the endzone in the process. Kenowa Hills had the ball for  57 seconds, then punted it. Forest Hills Eastern remained in possession of the ball until the end of the game. 

Victory! Forest Hills Eastern once again got twice the amount of points as their opponent. Will they be making this a habit? Come to the home game next Friday at 7 pm to find out!

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