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Too Big a Hole, How do We Dig Ourselves Out?

It is the pandemic that has been going on since the Industrial Revolution. It is not a human disease but a global one. Global warming has been plaguing our way of life and has worsened in the last few decades. Most of us cannot see significant changes in climate and therefore choose blind ignorance. After all, admitting we have a problem and working towards a solution is a workload we don’t want to bear. However, the evidence for global warming is all around us. We have seen an increased number of wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Droughts are beginning to absorb the life of the people of California in southern states. There are so many obvious changes our planet is going through and although there are some measures to bring us to sustainability, we have to find more solutions and implement them yesterday. 

Scientists have stressed the importance of keeping the global temperature from increasing 1.5 degrees celsius, if it were to cross that, we would begin to witness the dangers of a collapsing planet. However, the global warming crisis does not begin when we reach that threshold, it is already here. Summers are becoming hotter and winters have less snow and above-average temperatures. Looking at Earth’s historic temperatures, it is apparent that humans are the source of modern temperature rises. At no other point in recorded history have yearly temperatures come close to the current stage. We have been ignoring the warning signs for far too long. According to, humans have to reduce our carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 and industrialized countries will need to cut them by almost 80% in order to begin the reversal of climate change and save the planet. Carbon emissions from cars are also a big part of the problem. So many people every day drive to and from work, school, or the store. It is not just the greenhouse gases emitted from gasoline, but also the oil shortage. If people switch to electric vehicles at a higher rate, we can reduce the amount of oil consumed and toxic gases emitted into the atmosphere. 

We are creating a sick world. Even if it makes life today easier by using fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, it will not matter if there is no more life due to an uninhabitable Earth. If the issues of Global Warming continue unchecked, humans could face a cataclysmic event. Right now, we have a chance to reverse the cycle of destruction in our world. By utilizing solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, we can push a dramatic shift into a fully functioning, clean energy world, and start to chip away at the hole we’ve dug ourselves into

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