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The Origin of Quiggle and Quibble

Since Eastern is known as the ‘Home of the Hawks’, many people expect a hawk to be the mascot of the Eastern rowing. However, they will be surprised to find out that it isn’t; in fact, the mascot has nothing to do with hawks. And there’s not just one, but two mascots for the crew team.

The crew team practices on the Grand River every weekday and rows past beautiful houses, trees, and farms. Most of the time, the animals in the pastures are barely noticed by the rowers; but one day, in eighth grade, I was sitting in a launch boat with my coach, Ben, following the rowing boats down the river when I spotted a cow grazing in a pasture. I pointed it out to my coach, and he made an offhand comment about how he wanted to have a baby cow in the launch with him to give him company. He never expected his statement to be remembered.

Coach Ben with Quiggle and Quibble!

Two years had passed since Coach Ben had mentioned the cow and he had long forgotten about it, but the same couldn’t be said for me. I told one of my fellow rowers, Lindsey Soet (’24) about the cow, and together we hatched a plan.

To fulfill our coach’s “lifelong” dream as we called it, Lindsey and I bought two stuffed animal cows and gifted them to our coach. We named them Quiggle and Quibble. That day, they became the official crew mascots.

“I never expected my [statement] to go this far. I never expected to actually have two cows in my launch one day,” Coach Ben admits. “But I think that they give the kids something to be excited about and bond over.” Although the gifting of Quiggle and Quibble began as a joke, their arrival on the team quickly sparked the growth of their life. Other rowers and friends bring in clothes, toy food, backpacks, and closets for the cows to help support their life at the Eastern boathouse. 

Lindsey Soet (’24) and Anna Alt (’24) with Quiggle and Quibble!

The support for the twins stunned Lindsey and I, but we are grateful for the welcoming atmosphere that the rest of the crew team offers. Non-rowers can find the cows at our regattas or even out and about around the high school. Keep an eye out for these adorable stuffed cows!

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