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The End of A Triumphant Season

Whether the forecast called for rain, sun, clouds, warmth, or chills, Eastern’s Varsity Women’s Golf team played through it all. This past season has elicited many triumphs and learning experiences for the young women as they battled their way through tough courses to the state championship.

Throughout the highs and lows of their season, the team supported one another and cheered each other during each match. Bella Chiodini (‘24) describes the close-knit community that the girls have built. “This group of girls was truly one of the best groups this gold team has ever seen. We were all really close. They were really supportive teammates.” She also said some of her fondest memories this season were “riding around in golf carts during practice and listening to country music with my teammates.” Some people join a sport just for the competition, but many stay because of the family that the team forms as players grow closer to each other. This is especially true for the golf team.

Members of the team posing during a golf match.

During the season, the golf team experienced some learning opportunities that will help better their skills for the next season. Bella explains, “I think we all learned a lot of important lessons this year that we will use next [season]. We will always be learning on the golf course.” Bella added that “it’s one of those sports that takes a lot of time to practice and improve; you have to have a lot of dedication to do it.” It was helpful having a group of girls who were always there for them. “Everyone has their off days, but we’re really good at lifting each other up. We had a lot of fun together throughout the season,” Bella stated.

The Varsity Women’s Golf team celebrating first place at regionals!

Although there were moments when the girls struggled through the course, such as golfing in 105-degree weather, there were many other moments that sparked victory. During the season, the women’s golf team did exceptionally well: placing first at regionals, then advancing to the state championship and placing within the top ten.

Even though every sports team has success and defeat, the players are the ones that truly determine whether or not the season was successful. A supportive team is one of the most important aspects of playing a sport and the Varsity Women’s Golf team is a prime example of this. Congratulations to the golf team for playing and putting their hearts out this season and making the best of their time together!


  1. Julie Schellenberg Julie Schellenberg

    Congratulations, ladies! Well done!

  2. Julie Schellenberg Julie Schellenberg

    *well* done!

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