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Tackling the Loss

Team Name Score
Forest Hills Eastern 13
South Christian 37

Forest Hills Eastern suffered a 13-37 defeat against South Christian last Friday night.


Students wave the Eastern flags.

It was warm and raining last Friday night. The moon was a bright, yellow sliver in the sky.  The weather was dropping its pleasant feel, and temperatures were running high. Many of the students of Forest Hills Eastern were fighting some form of sickness, ranging from a head cold to mono. The football team was certainly no exception. So, with the rain pouring outside, Forest Hills Eastern’s varsity football team had a hard night ahead of them.


Here’s how it went:

Forest Hills Eastern started with possession of the ball at their 30-yard line after kickoff, keeping the ball in play for 4:31 minutes. Bryson Kuzdzal (‘23) ran 31 yards into the endzone, successfully scoring the first touchdown of the game. Clune VanAndel (‘23) scored the extra point. 7-0.

South Christian received the ball at their 35-yard line, played for 1:43 minutes, then made a touchdown pass and an extra-point kick. 7-7.

Forest Hills Eastern had possession of the ball for fifty-nine seconds before fumbling it at their 32-yard line. Despite this mistake in dangerous territory, they held their ground. South Christian only had the ball for 1:11 minutes before Eastern’s defense ran them out of downs. For the next 4:16 minutes, Eastern fought their way down the field. They ran out of downs three yards from the endzone. Because of that turnover, South Christian started on the opposite end of the field. It took them 4:25 minutes to get a touchdown. They also completed the extra point. 7-14.


Eastern’s defense prepares to play.

The ball once again belonged to Forest Hills Eastern. Their offense gained 21 yards but was eventually stopped by South Christian. After 3:26 minutes, Forest Hills Eastern punted the ball and possession returned to South Christian – though not for long. Forty-nine seconds after attaining possession, South Christian fumbled the ball. Forest Hills Eastern then advanced eight yards in 1:16 minutes before running out of downs. South Christian repeated the action by running out of downs forty-seven seconds after regaining possession of the ball. Forest Hills Eastern had the ball for a total of seventeen seconds before the clock buzzed for halftime.

In the third quarter, South Christian kept the ball for 4:20 minutes – advancing 27 yards in the process. Eastern’s defense stayed strong, keeping South Christian from making an additional touchdown. South Christian eventually punted the ball. Eastern was pushed back into their endzone, and after fifty-six seconds, was forced to give South Christian two points through a safety. 7-16.

South Christian made a touchdown pass along with an extra-point kick after 2:59 minutes of possession. 7-23.


Fridsma (’23) celebrates after making a touchdown.

With the third quarter drawing to a close, Forest Hills Eastern knew that they were pressed for time. After 2:11 minutes, Collin Fridsma (‘23) caught a 24-yard pass from Kuzdzal, marking Forest Hills Eastern’s second touchdown of the evening. Braden Stratbucker (‘22) then attempted a two-point pass after the touchdown but was unsuccessful. 13-23.

Moving into the fourth quarter, South Christian kept the ball for 1:52 minutes before punting. Eastern only had the ball for 1:02 minutes before it was intercepted. South Christian, with that interception, made a touchdown and extra point. 13-30. 

Forest Hills Eastern, now very short on time, managed to keep possession of the ball for 4:45 minutes. They fumbled it at the opposing 45-yard line. South Christian ran into their endzone and completed an extra-point kick, 2:13 minutes after obtaining the ball. 13-37. 

Forest Hills Eastern played until the very last second, with possession of the ball for 1:35 minutes. South Christian intercepted the ball with thirty-nine seconds left in the game. From there, time ran out, with no more points or plays.

Although Forest Hills Eastern did not win, they fought hard. 

Make sure to drive out to Kenowa Hills this Friday to support Eastern!

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