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Senior Victory at Annual Powder Puff Game

After the year and a half break with no homecoming activities, the Powder Puff game between the junior and senior classes is back. The teams faced off this past Friday, reigniting the generational feud between juniors and seniors. Even with only a couple of weeks of training, the senior girls’ team remained optimistic and ambitious when it came to winning the game. 

The seniors cheer on their teammates from the sidelines.

When talking to the team, there was an overwhelming presence of school spirit and teamwork on display. The self-confidence and determination of the seniors were very admirable. “[I’m] very confident that we’re gonna win and do good,” shared Skye Flint (22’), a wide receiver on the team. Others, such as Megan Schestag (22’), are going for a more aggressive approach to winning: “I’m ready to lay out some juniors, they better watch out. I will have no remorse.”

With both teams fired up and ready to go, the start of the game was intense: both sides brought the heat. The game ended up being incredibly close. Seniors started with the ball and quickly made their way up the field. The first major play happened when Brooke Toigo (’22), playing quarterback, threw the ball down the right side of the field to wide receiver Carly Wittlinger (’22). Seniors followed up the large gain with Alexis Hunting (’22) running forty yards into the endzone, putting the seniors in the lead. They made the score 7-0 with Eliza Daniels (’22) kicking the extra point just before halftime was called. 

A junior runs toward the endzone with the ball.

However, the juniors retaliated quickly. They made their way down the field quicker than expected. The juniors ran more running plays than passing and struck back with quarterback Sarah Dickson (’23) handing off the ball to Payton Grispo (’23), who ran her way to the end zone. Unfortunately, the extra point by Ava Simonson (’23) was barely wide right, landing the juniors behind by one point. With the seniors’ possession, it was looking bad for the juniors. 

Time ran out before anyone else could score. This allowed the seniors to win 7-6. The morale shone by the seniors was the most pivotal part of winning, and made the game one of the most engaging I’ve seen in a long time. 

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