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Project KIKI: An Initiative for Kindness

Project Kiki, otherwise known as the Kindness in Kids Initiative, was started and implemented at our school by Eastern’s very own Zoe Kukla (’22). It started last year with the mission of inspiring more empathy and kindness within the younger students of the forest hills community. 

After observing and experiencing ostracization towards herself and others based on racial, cultural, and class factors, Kukla wanted to make a change. She took initiative towards solving the problem by designing a curriculum to educate elementary to middle school youth centered around issues of race and background.  The Project Kiki curriculum is currently being implemented at Eastern Middle School through the Global Learners Initiative club where students can learn to ask appropriate questions to better understand parts of other students’ cultures that they may not understand. 

Zoe encourages everyone to “not make assumptions about people and to make the effort to understand things from their point of view.” She urges others to get involved by “talking and reaching out to family and friends and have more conversations around these issues.”

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