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More Cheese Please, October

It’s already the middle of October, and it’s a little too soon to start the November food arrangement. But there’s so much cheese to share in the meantime. A mid-month cheese display is the perfect solution. “More Cheese Please” is going to be a shorter segment about a few cheeses and something tasty to pair them with. It’s a better way to spotlight cheese and not include an entire board to distract from it.

The first choice for this article is Havarti cheese (as pictured on the top left). This soft cheese has a super smooth consistency and can almost spread like brie cheese. It’s aged for only a few months and produces no solid rind, instead the soft outside has no distinction between rind and cheese. The taste is similar to that of butter. It goes wonderfully with crackers and on sandwiches. There are other varieties of Havarti such as Horseradish, Herb and Spice, and Dill. No matter the added ingredients, Havarti still holds onto its buttery smooth texture. Typically, Havarti is sold in stores both in the deli as sliced pieces or at a cheese counter in larger blocks.

Next up, we have creamy Caramel cheese (pictured in middle). It starts out with an extremely strong caramel scent even before biting in. The cheese is soft in texture, and the taste is slightly nutty with a light essence of caramel that appears more prominent in the aftertaste. Most unique flavored cheeses have a distinct essence of that flavor as opposed to completely being like the desired taste. They work well with fruit and meat, and to the adventurous it might be fun to try.

Smoked Applewood Cheddar (Pictured bottom right) is the third and final cheese for show. This cheese is a crumbly and soft cheddar that tastes very smoky. It’s quite simple and contrary to the title it’s not apple flavored. This cheddar goes great with crackers, fruit, and possibly on a sandwich. 

To pair with the cheeses, I chose Carr’s water crackers that have little to no flavor, but work well with cheese, meat, and just about anything. The cracker is basic and doesn’t overpower the cheese- allowing for a wonderful cheese tasting.

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