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Mastering the Art of the Student Section

What makes a student section what it is? I found myself asking that question this week as I tackled this article. Student sections are a vital part of any school’s sports fanbase. From high school to college the student section is something you just can’t replace. Fortunately, I was able to get a clear picture by asking some of our student body members what makes Eastern’s student section the coolest place to be on Friday nights.

From the Famous Cameron Crazies to the Izzozone, every school spins its own theme on the student section. Cheering for your team is nothing new, but students from everywhere have found a way to make their own school pride shine. One example that sticks out is Duke’s student section. The students are dubbed the “Cameron Crazies,” referring to the Cameron indoor stadium where the University of Dukes men’s basketball team plays. Nearly 1,200 students show up for the theatrics which includes synchronized cheers and planned events. The student section is built up by the tradition within them. An example of this is at the University of Wisconsin where, at football games, students dance to the song “Jump Around” at the start of the fourth quarter. At the University of Illinois, the student section nicknamed “Orange Crush” not only encourages school spirit but also helps the community. The Orange Crush has donated over 2.5 million dollars to local, state, and national charities. These well-known college student sections are inspirations for high school spirit. So let’s see how students at Forest Hills Eastern have made the student section their own. 

Forest Hills Eastern has had four home football games this year. I have had the privilege of being able to attend every one of them. From my personal experience, it’s safe to say Eastern has done a great job with school spirit this year. Pranav Mudhas (‘24) shared that the perfect student section is  “really cheerful, close-knit, respectful and kind.” Another sophomore, Reeve Meloche, commented that everyone participating in the theme is key. He added that having strong leaders like the seniors leading the rest of the student body is very important. Macy Debaar, a senior at Eastern, emphasized how the student section is at its best “when everyone has high energy and is excited.” All of those descriptions are great, but one final perspective summed them all up. Senior Carson Patten noticed the connecting theme that is the backbone of all student sections: school spirit.

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