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Legend of the Ada Witch

As Halloween draws nearer and nearer, scary stories of ghosts, hauntings, and legends have begun to circulate. What many people may not know, however, is that Ada has a ghost story all of its own. The tale of the Ada Witch originated over 150 years ago, in the 1800s, and has been around ever since. The story originates in the woods of Seidman park following a tragic accident between three lovers. Today it is said the witch continues to haunt Findlay Cemetery and Seidman Park – earnestly attempting to escape from her husband. 

The story begins with an unfaithful married woman; at night, the woman would sneak out to visit with a secret lover. Eventually, her husband became suspicious of her frequent late-night outings, so he decided to stay up late and wait to see if his hunch was true. As he suspected, his wife waited until she thought he was asleep and made her exit. He followed her out into the woods of Seidman park, where he was horrified to find his wife having an affair with another man. The husband broke out in a rage which led him to brutally murder his wife. The husband and lover then fought through the night until they had both sustained injuries serious enough that they both died. 

Since then, people have said you can see the woman walking along the roads near Seidman Park as well as Findlay Cemetery where it is said that all three were buried. Sometimes she is said to be by herself, and sometimes she’s with her husband and lover. Other sightings of her have occurred along Honey Creek Road where her body was allegedly discovered; here, hunters have said they hear unexplainable footsteps behind them and have felt someone tap their shoulder, only to turn around and see nobody there. 

What truth is there to this tale? In 2003, a group of paranormal investigators identified the “Ada Witch” as a woman named Sarah McMillan. However, it was later determined that McMillan could not have been the Ada Witch as records show that she died in 1870 of Typhoid Fever. Unfortunately, shortly before this new development was made, Sarah McMillan’s tombstone was destroyed and vandalized with the perpetrator still unknown. A local tombstone business has since donated a new headstone to McMillan to show the community’s respect. Unfortunately for paranormal enthusiasts, further research has come up empty with any reports of mysterious or undetermined deaths in Ada that could be connected to the case of the Ada Witch. 

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