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Getting Thrifty: Stylish but Sustainable Shopping

Each year, humans generate 14-16 million tons of textile/clothing waste. More recently, popular online companies like SHIEN, AliExpress, and Wish have promoted fast fashion, increasing these numbers significantly. The mass production of cheap-material clothes and easy access to them online is causing serious damage by adding to the waste.

Have you ever bought a bunch of clothes online and never worn them? Maybe they’re not the right size, or just didn’t turn out how you wanted. When it comes to impulse online shopping, everyone does it, but there’s a better alternative than just throwing the excess clothes out. Thrift stores have been an option for many years, and as of recent, have grown in popularity. 

Thrift stores are great for repurposing clothes that are no longer worn. By donating unused clothing, someone else can snag the styles they want for a better price.

 From the environmentally friendly to the budgeter to the adventurous style seeker, thrift stores are for everyone!

The double edge sword of secondhand shopping is often bothersome: the abundance of variety. Say there’s a beautiful sweater that you fall in love with immediately, only to find out it’s not your size. Oftentimes, pieces of clothing only have one available. It takes a lot of work to find favorable clothes in the perfect size and condition. Nevertheless, it’s still common to score some great items.

Clothes shopping is usually a long, drawn-out process of going to a mall or many stores in hopes of finding a few items. Most brands are overpriced and focus more on quantity than quality. If you choose thrift shopping, the moment those doors are opened, you’re offered an infinite array of brands, styles, and sizes. Thrift stores offer dressing rooms just like many big-name clothing shops. This eliminates the chance of buying something that doesn’t fit. 

Antique stores offer a broader collection of items – more than just clothes. The range of what they offer ranges from estate sale scraps and embroidered rugs to rare diamond rings and fancy lamps. Antique stores are for those who fancy the old and bizarre. Bins are filled with cutlery; stuffed animals pile up on shelves. The idea of antique stores might be an old smelly store that only older women would visit, but give it a chance, and you might find something you never knew you needed.

Both thrift and antique stores just might be the solution to the worsening waste problem. Simply by donating clothes you can make an impact while giving back to the community. Plus, who wouldn’t love to score a great deal on usually high price items!


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