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Full Swing to First – Eastern’s Golf Team Wins Regionals

Yesterday, Eastern’s Varsity Women’s Golf Team played at the Regional meet in Cadillac. The stakes were high for the team; they knew that they had to place within the top three in order to make it to the state tournament that will take place next week. However, the team had confidence that their skill would be enough to keep up with the other schools. Not only did they keep up, but they also pulled ahead and past the other teams. 

Team scores for Regionals.

Two golfers from the Eastern team placed within the top five for individual scores. Sophie Skoog (’24), varsity number one, placed second with an individual score of 85, and Eliza Daniels (’22) placed fifth with a score of 90. Overall, the team placed first with a total score of 368 which qualifies them for states.

The varsity women celebrating first place!

“I believe I played my best round yesterday,” Phea Melinn (’22) explains. “Regionals was really fun, [though] the course was long and challenging.” Several other players agreed that the course and experience of the tournament were exciting and enjoyable. Phea also mentioned that she “learned that you need to have fun, and it’s not about winning, but the experience of playing.” Although the goal during competitions is to win, other important things to take away from the event are the ways that you can improve, the moments you can learn from, and the enjoyment of the overall experience.

The team’s confidence going into the match bundled with skill, practice, and determination all helped spur them into first. Within the next week, the Women’s Varsity Golf team will head down to Lansing to play their hearts out to try and bring home a final trophy this season.

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