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FHE Presents: Our Town

As fall sports such as volleyball and football wind down for the year, the drama club is ramping up for their annual play. Each year, students from all grades come together daily to rehearse, perfect, and eventually produce live theatre for the community. This year, the production is Our Town: a three act production showcasing the stages of life in a small town during the turn of the century. The cast is highly anticipating this year’s show without the covid-19 restrictions as well. With opening night less than a week away, The cast has been diligently preparing and is confident that the road will remain smooth from here on out. 

Since the unpredictable times of last year, the cast and crew are very excited to get back to normal. Masks, quarantine, and the danger of covid-19 made putting on a school play difficult. The stage crew was whittled down to a few people and the cast was instructed to get as far away from each other as possible, especially on stage. “There’s no more problems with microphones due to masks, and there were certainly a lot of other problems,” says Ben Mckim (’22). He also noticed that covid didn’t get between the relationships of the cast, saying “I feel like we got a lot closer last year, which makes this year’s show better.” 

The close friendship of the cast extends to the crew as well, expressed by Donny Ford (’22), “the cast works well together. Crew is also a tight knit community, it ends up not being two separate groups but one [theatre family].” With the cast and crew unified as one group, it makes putting together a play more rewarding. 

Our Town encompasses all the emotions. It is humorous, sentimental, melancholy, but most of all, thought-provoking. It will take the audience on a journey through life that leaves them with a renewed awareness and appreciation for the little things in life. 

To the Forest Hills Eastern Theatre department, this show is more than just any old high school play. It is a means for getting close with people from different grades and putting on a production that can affect people everywhere. To support the theatre department, go to for donations and to buy tickets to shows and musicals.

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