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Collections Around Eastern

Collections come in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique style and backstory. As I know from my own experience with collections, they are often started in the spur of the moment and slowly grow until those without proper insight into such matters may refer to them as a hoard. The time and money it takes to continuously collect is what makes collectors a dedicated bunch. Let’s find out what sort of collections are around Forest Hills Eastern.

I myself have a plethora of collections. Anything from rubber ducks to ugly hand-knitted goose sweaters – I’ve got them. My fascination for birds started in middle school when my parents let me get a pet bird. I then went on to love anything bird. Of all the birds, ducks are the ones I adore the most. The largest portion of my bird-themed collection is more than 80 rubber ducks of all colors and sizes. I started collecting rubber ducks around four years ago, at an arcade. From there I’ve spent well over a hundred dollars on my rubber ducky addiction. My favorite bird-themed item, however, is sadly also my least functional. A listing on Etsy for a blue handmade goose sweater popped up on my recommended feed. I bought the sweater, seeing as it was adorable, but the size was horribly off. It was so small that not even my younger siblings would fit in it properly. Both that and rubber ducks are my pride and joy.

A new face to the high school wing, Ms. Liley, has a surprisingly large assortment of the popular Rae Dunn items. The brand is an array of ceramic items with a simple font. It’s often sold at places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods. “I really like the brand because of how simple it is,” Ms. Liley shared. Her collection is full of many mugs, clothes, notebooks, and signs. Her favorite items are a few of her mugs that say positive things like ‘choose kindness.’ Ms. Liley’s prized collection radiates the positive energy that she has in her classroom. 

Ms. Liley with some of her Rae Dunn items.

A collection fitting for the gone boarding teacher at Eastern, Mr. Curtis, is his large array of Vans merchandise. He has around 25 pairs of their shoes as well as many shirts, belts, bags, and special items. He’s got a great reason to be buying all of these things: the class is sponsored by the Vans company. “The biggest reason I have for owning all of this is because I want to support the company and [the] Van Doren family because they’re huge supporters of the gone boarding program,” He shared. His favorite item is a pair of slip-on shoes. They were part of a Vans promotional where kids drew up designs to possibly be added to a shoe. There won’t be many days where you’d be able to catch Mr. Curtis not repping Vans.

Mr. Curtis’ collection of Vans shoes and hats!

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  1. Adam Dupree Adam Dupree

    I collect dvds of the movie “click” starring Adam Sandler. I have 12 copies.

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