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Candy Grams for a Cause

Next week at Eastern, students will have the opportunity to send candy grams to their friends!

Eastern’s National Honors Society is selling Halloween-themed candy grams next week! Starting Monday, October 25 and going through Friday the 29th, these candy grams will be for sale at both lunches. 

Select the person you would like to send it to, choose the candy you would like them to receive, and write them a note! Feel free to write your name on it, or leave it anonymous. These will be delivered to the recipients’ 6th hour. 

Stuck on who to send them to? There are so many options: your close friend, your hawk team leader, or a teacher at school.

They only cost one dollar and all proceeds go to a great cause: The Refugee Education Center. 

The Refugee Education Center is a nonprofit run in Kentwood that focuses on assisting refugees as they transition to life in the States. While the center works with entire refugee families, their main focus is taking in children. The center provides an education for the children they work with. On top of this, they offer daycare and adult education classes. As a nonprofit, donations are imperative to the Refugee Education Center. These donations allow them to provide shelter, education, and help with the citizenship process.

So be sure to come to school equipped with a dollar next week, and send a candy gram to a friend – bringing a smile to faces at Eastern and our community.

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