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Tips From an Eastern Barista

Whether getting coffee is an essential step in your morning routine, or you simply enjoy the calm atmosphere of a coffee shop to finish your algebra homework, coffee shops are a staple in the lives of many high school students. To make sure you get the most out of your next trip for a cup of joe, Eastern’s own Megan Schestag (‘22) shares her advice from her experience working as a Starbucks Barista! 

Megan began working as a Barista at Starbucks this past summer and has since enjoyed the opportunities it gives her to meet and get to know new people. “All the people are just super nice and we have a lot of regulars that come in, so I know a lot of people by name and I’ve made a lot of new friends!” Schestag explained. Some of her favorite perks as a barista: “You get free Spotify premium, and also free drinks and free food, so I am saving a lot of money!” Megan describes Starbucks as a great place to get a part-time job during high school. With lots of new friends and free food, how could you go wrong?

When it comes to actually ordering your delicious brew, Megan urges everyone to branch out and try something new. She even shares her own favorite drink: “I’ll get a venti Iced chai with oat milk, two blonde shots of espresso and vanilla sweet cream cold foam.” But most importantly, she encourages everyone to start up some friendly banter with their barista! “Don’t just start yelling your order at me, be nice to your barista… have a good conversation with me I love a good conversation, I’m pretty sure everyone there does, so just strike up a conversation with your barista, they’re going through it, and they’ve probably had a long day.” On a final note, Megan sends out a PSA to everyone going through the drive-thru: “If you pull into the drive-thru please turn your music down!”

Featured image courtesy of Megan Schestag.


  1. Mr. Morley Mr. Morley

    This article is like 5 shots of espresso! Great mastery of her writing craft!

  2. megan megan

    hey that’s me! thanks sarah i love you

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