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The Tides Turn for the FHNE Swim Team

Tuesday night at six, the Forest Hills Northern Eastern swim team prepared to go against Forest Hills Central. The FHNE swim team hadn’t had a victory against FHC in several years, but that would soon change later in the evening.

As swimmers climbed the diving blocks and took their positions, the remaining teammates flocked to the opposite end of the pool, eager to cheer on the racers. On the balcony above, the parents and students anticipated the splash of water signaling that the meet had begun. Race after race, the FHNE climbed in the ranks.

By the end of the meet, the FHNE swim team had earned themselves a total of 105 points, driving FHC to second place. This victory sparked a jubilant joy within the FHNE swimmers. “[It was] the first in a long time [that we’ve beaten them],” Elliott McAlpine (‘24) explained.

Elliott McAlpine (’24) swimming in the 100-meter Breaststroke.

Elliott played a vital role in helping her team to the top of the leaderboard. She swam in four different events, including the 200-meter individual medley, 100-meter breaststroke, 200-meter medley relay, and 400-meter freestyle relay. In each race she placed first, even setting a personal record for one. “I went [my] best time in the 200 IM (individual medley) and got first, [which] was unexpected but exciting,” Elliott stated. Her time in that event was 2.13.64. “A lot of people got [their] best times.”

Tuesday night’s swim race will not easily be forgotten. It was not only a night of setting personal records, but also one that marks the end of facing defeat against Forest Hills Central. “[There] will be some tough competition [coming],” Elliott mentions. But she, along with her team, is excited and hopeful for their upcoming races, such as the Ottawa Hills Invite. After last night’s performance, it is clear that the FHNE women’s swim team is ready to gear up for another season and set new goals and boundaries for themselves to reach in the coming weeks.

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