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Switching in the Midst of a Struggle

Ariba Ali, a junior at Eastern, transferred here last year during a global pandemic. There were many difficulties while transitioning. A hybrid schedule meant that only half of the students were in a school at a time. She had to be socially distanced from her peers. The most difficult part for Ariba was going between online and in-person classes. She was not alone, all of us were struggling as well. This year is so different than last year; from feeling like a whole year of your life was wasted, to feeling like it’s back on track and making it as normal as possible. “This year feels like a new kind of normal” Ariba noted, “and how a normal switch should be, but last year, during covid, I didn’t know anybody, and it is like last year never even happened.” 

Ariba has faced many challenges and expressed what she went through. “[Transitioning during hybrid] was kind of annoying because you didn’t really know anybody and you didn’t know people who were in your classes, only half of them because of what group you were in because last year, I didn’t know anybody.”

Not only did she talk about the struggles she experienced with covid happening, but she also mentioned the fun she is having this year. Despite everything, she is currently enjoying high school, making new friends, and having fun with her extracurricular activities. “I’m in the student council, and I decorate for homecoming and so much more.” Ariba managed to adjust to a new school and plans to take advantage of all high school has to offer.

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