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Season Splashed Sideways

Many sports rely on reliable weather to be played. If it’s rainy, snowy, or stormy, outdoor sports will often be canceled. Tennis is no exception to this, and this year especially, bad weather prevented many tennis matches from being played. If the courts are wet, it poses a danger to the player. “When rain is on the courts, it basically makes the game unplayable,” Jaxon, a sophomore on Eastern’s JV tennis team, described to me. This season was filled with numerous rainstorms. You can see the issue right? Well, Eastern’s JV tennis team has been dealing with it all year.

The JV tennis team has had seven out of 20 games canceled so far this season. I experienced one of these cancellations when I started covering the team, so it clearly has been affecting everyone involved. One of their first games got canceled mid-match at the start of the year. Not only have games been canceled, but a lot of their practices have been canceled as well. Jaxon believes that if their practice time hadn’t been cut short, they could have performed better throughout the year. 

Tennis and rain do not go well together. The problem is not so much the players getting wet as it is the courts getting wet. Wet courts cause a danger of slipping for the players, and prevent the ball from bouncing. “The weather was so unpredictable this year,” Jaxon told me,  “most of the time it was hard to know whether [we] should even bring [our] [tennis] stuff to school because of cancelations of practices and games were such a regular occurrence.” Finding chemistry has also been difficult this season, while some teams have been able to work together and find a rhythm, others have failed at this task.

Jaxon stated that if they had been able to work together more he thinks some lineup changes would have been made throughout the year. Overall Jaxon says the team doesn’t feel completely negative towards the season, with the lockdown last year, just being on the court has been a plus. Unfortunately, this JV team still didn’t get the full experience that they were hoping for this year.

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