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Month: September 2021

Southland Supports School Spirit

“The start of the school year has shaped up to be a collection of interest and positivity”  Braden Southland, a senior at FHE, stated.  With the last two years being shadowed by the recent pandemic, students are more keen than ever to put themselves out there and join with others to increase collaboration and social interaction. Because of virtual learning and social distancing, people were not able to interact face to face with one another,…

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Cooking with a Pinch of Purpose

Oftentimes people try their hand at cooking: whether it’s a piece of toast or a full course meal, but cooking isn’t for everyone. For Nathan Parish (‘22), who is an amateur chef, cooking is the most tasteful hobby out there. Nathan enjoys cooking various types of meals and experimenting with dishes. But like any other cook, he had to start somewhere. When asked about his beginnings, Nathan said that he started out with easy foods…

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Samantha Garvin: Plant Whisperer

Does anyone know how to keep a plant alive and well for more than two weeks? I haven’t figured it out. Maybe you’re like me, and you can’t keep a plant alive to save your life. No matter how much sunlight, water, or fertilizer poured into the confines of my flower pots, the plants I own always seem to wilt. What am I doing wrong? Frustrated by my failure, I decided to seek out the…

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Serving Advice To Gain The Advantage

The Forest Hills Eastern women’s tennis team is home to many distinctive athletes. Players come from different backgrounds and cultures: all with unique stories of their own. Local sophomore, Rishika Kokkula, is a prime example of this.  Rishika has been playing tennis since she was eight years old. Throughout the years, she has expanded her skill set and joined the Forest Hills Eastern tennis team during her freshman year of high school. “We were all…

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FHE Sophomore Wins Michigan Vaccine Lottery

As the vaccination rate began to decline earlier this year, the state of Michigan implemented a financial incentive in hopes of vaccinating more residents. The incentive was a ‘vaccine lottery’ that awarded cash prizes to as many as 32 Michigan residents and nine college scholarships. The majority of cash prizes were $50,000, and the scholarships allowed for free tuition for public colleges in the state of Michigan. Josiah Debaets, a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern,…

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First Generation American Celebrates Her Heritage

As a first-generation American, Aastha Patel has the unofficial responsibility of continuing her family’s culture and traditions. She couldn’t be better suited for the job. Aastha’s enthusiasm for her culture was tangible as I sat down to interview her, and her excitement and willingness to share quickly engulfed me as well. Aastha, born in Holland, Michigan, quickly picked up English as her second language. “I actually learned to speak Gujarati first,” Aastha says. “I just…