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Lose the Battle, Win the War

Team Name Score
Forest Hills Eastern 23
Cedar Springs 54

Forest Hills Eastern suffered a 23-54 defeat against Cedar Springs last Friday. 

Students and staff both attended the away game at Cedar Springs last Friday. They showed up in full force, showing their spirit with cowboy hats and smiles. At the end of the night, the fans celebrated their team’s hard work.

Eastern defends the endzone

At the beginning of the evening, there was a bite to the air, wisps of clouds painting the sky. As the sun went below the horizon, the game became more intense, Forest Hills Eastern and Cedar Springs vying for the same thing.

 Now, to the specifics:

Forest Hills Eastern started the game off strong with possession of the ball for 6:20 minutes. Clune VanAndel (’23) successfully kicked a 27-yard field goal. 3-0.

After another 3:24 minutes, Cedar Springs made a touchdown and a two-point conversion. 3-8.

Eastern scored their first touchdown after having possession of the ball for 1:55 minutes. Ashton Thompson (’22) completed a pass from quarterback Brayden Stratbucker (’22), then VanAndel completed a kick. 10-8.

In the second quarter, Cedar Springs made another touchdown but failed to make a two-point conversion. 10-14. Eastern followed up with a touchdown, made with a two-yard run by Bryson Kuzdzal (’23). VanAndel completed a kick. 17-14.

Cedar Springs then scored four touchdowns in a row, all with successful two-point conversions. 17-46.

Max Ferrick catches a touchdown throw


Forest Hills Eastern made one last touchdown, a 16-yard pass from Stratbucker to Max Ferrick (‘25). They attempted a two-point conversion, but it was not complete. 23-46. Then, Cedar Springs finished off the game with a touchdown and two-point conversion, making the final score 23-54.

Not the envisioned outcome, but every team needs a couple of losses to learn new tactics. Head coach Shwander mentioned how a loss has the potential to affect the team in the following week. He said that “starting the following Monday, they have the renewed will to win.” They may have lost the game last Friday, but they aren’t even close to giving up. 

This coming Friday calls for the big homecoming game against Ottowa Hills. Both Eastern and Ottowa Hills have a 2-3 win record, so it should be an eventful game.

Until then, stay tuned Hawks. 

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