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Eastern’s Resident DJ – Brie Pena

For many of us, music is a fun pastime. But for Brie Pena (‘22), it’s one of her favorite things in the world. Brie is a longtime patron of all things music and has a very diverse taste. She listens to anything from retro disco jams, to sultry piano ballads, to chart-topping hip hop. Through music, Brie deepens her connection with her family and inspires those to live more melodic lives. 

Music has always been a powerful force in Brie’s life. She reminisces on the influence music has had on trips with her family. “Whenever we go up north to our cottage, the only stations on the radio are the news and yacht rock. We usually end up listening to Jimmy Buffet for hours,” Brie stated. This love for music also extends into her free time. “Music is more to me than just something to listen to, it’s a hobby for me to create playlists that relate to how I’m feeling,” she reveals when asked about her extensive Spotify profile. She meticulously creates them whenever she gets bored or is feeling a certain emotion. 

Looking for advice on new music? Check out Brie’s various playlists and you will be pleasantly surprised. To check out more of her music, You can find her profile here. It is certain to please any casual music fan.

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