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Cooking with a Pinch of Purpose

Oftentimes people try their hand at cooking: whether it’s a piece of toast or a full course meal, but cooking isn’t for everyone. For Nathan Parish (‘22), who is an amateur chef, cooking is the most tasteful hobby out there. Nathan enjoys cooking various types of meals and experimenting with dishes. But like any other cook, he had to start somewhere. When asked about his beginnings, Nathan said that he started out with easy foods like scrambled eggs and pancakes. Over time, he tried out more difficult recipes and improved his culinary skill. Setting aside time to learn new things is the first step to getting better at any interest or skill. Nathan said that he’s learned many things but still has so much more to try. Even with an advanced skill there’s still room for accidents. Nathan said, “I was trying to add a little paprika and the cap wasn’t on correctly so I ended up spilling the whole paprika and ruined the dish.” That left him with a bit too much spice.

For Nathan, cooking is more than just making a meal for himself. He said that he most enjoys cooking for others. Nathan noted: “I’ve always enjoyed making food for others, it’s like a way of giving.” His whole family takes turns cooking meals over the week, helping them grow closer while learning how to prepare meals. Cooking seems simple enough: make food and get rid of hunger – but for some like Nathan, preparing meals means providing and giving to the people you care about. It’s a passion that brings out heart and skill. He doesn’t necessarily want to pursue the culinary arts but more so enjoys cooking for friends and family, as well as photographing meals. Given the question of enjoying cooking or eating more, he said, “One of the biggest reasons I started cooking is that I’m often very, very, hungry. An easy solution is to cook for yourself. Honestly I like them both, eating is a little higher- especially if it’s some good food.”

Featured image courtesy of Nathan Parish.

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