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Chemistry on the Court

In high school, we have to work with groups of people that we don’t know very well. To accomplish our tasks, we have to find a way to click and work together.  This philosophy is the same for the tennis court, and it’s one that JV tennis player Logan Dann (’24) is learning all about.

JV tennis only does doubles, unlike varsity which has both singles and doubles. Logan Dann, who is playing on JV this year, found out that at the beginning of the year he would play many matches with different people to find out who he worked best with. Just like when you’re assigned a partner for a school project you’re stuck with them, it’s up to you to make it work. Luckily for Logan, the JV team had an easy time to start building that chemistry, as Logan commented to me  “We know our strengths, we know our partner’s strengths and weaknesses.” Chemistry not just off the court but on it is key, Logan found out that communication is an underrated part of tennis as a whole. Whether it’s calling on serves, switching sides, or changing formation, any good doubles team has good communication. Logan reiterated, “If you can’t communicate, it can result in a lot of mistakes and missed opportunities.” These newfound skills helped Logan and his partner the most in what he considers their best performance. In a win against Catholic Central where they won 8-4, both Logan and his partner were actively communicating on all cylinders, leading to a great success for the team. Logan and his partner’s success highlights what you can do when you find the right chemistry in a partnership, not just in sports, but in any type of project that requires you to work together.

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