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Within the past few weeks, a new trend has surfaced among FHE students. I recently started making friendship bracelets with “WWMVD” engraved on stones.  The bracelets signify a relationship to a cult of some form glorifying FHE science teacher Michael Visser. The letters are an acronym for “What Would Mr. Visser do?” 

These bracelets were originally created and worn by myself ironically, but they soon became a trend amongst the FHE crew team. After I wore the bracelet to practice one day, a handful of my teammates asked if they could have their own WWMVD bracelets. Since then, I’ve made over a dozen bracelets for various teammates of mine. I never anticipated high demand or interest in such a personal concept, but it is fun to channel the spirit of “WWMVD” amongst my peers.

These bracelets not only serve as a reminder of an inside joke but are also used to boost morale. “The bracelets [definitely] boost the team’s spirit,” said Anna Alt (‘24). Anna also mentioned that the bracelets inspire them to row harder during races, which improves their overall performance. 

These bracelets, along with the speed and strength of the FHE crew team, will help the team perform well at the Wy-Hi regatta on Saturday, May 15, and at the State Championship regatta on Sunday, May 23rd.

Featured image courtesy of Anna Alt. 

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