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In Memoriam of Ming Ten

News struck this past week that the beloved restaurant, Ming Ten, permanently closed its doors. A fan favorite to the senior class of 2021, we share some favorite memories from our middle school hangout spot.

“Taylor and I went there and had a wonderful deep talk over crab legs,” -Halle Mikula (‘21)

“I found my love for crab legs at Ming Ten,” -Taylor Reynolds (‘21)

“It was Freshmen year swirl: Jonathan Mouw, Caleb Peterson, Ben Long, and I had a competition to see who could eat the most wasabi,” -Ryan Longo (‘21)

“When I was in third grade, we sat at the booth in the front and I was eating an eggroll. I felt something in my mouth, I reached in and pulled out my tooth,” – Olivia Challa (‘22, honorary senior)

“They knew my name,” – Cynthia Mikula (Halle’s mom)

“I’m allergic,” -Isabel Gil (‘21)

“My little sister always wanted to have her birthday dinner there so she could bang the gong,” -Anna Rapaport (‘21)

“I threw up from their sushi one time,” – Owen Danko (‘22)

“I used to see Christian and Omar there all the time. Their ice cream was really good too,” Eliza Thelen (‘21)

We love you and hope to see you in the next life Ming Ten.

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