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Save Infinity Train

In the past decade, animation has seen a rise in a new demographic of viewers: adults. The first animated show to really gain popularity with both a younger and older audience was the hit show on Cartoon Network, Steven Universe. Seeing this new demographic watching their shows, several mainstream networks have picked up shows that tailor to both a young audience as well as Millenials/Gen Z viewers.

One arguably underrated show on HBO MAX is Infinity Train, made by the creator of the popular Regular Show, Owen Dennis. The first season of Infinity Train follows Tulip, a young redhead with a talent for coding who is trying to navigate her parents’ recent divorce. As she is distraught from her parents not being able to take her to coding camp, a mysterious train picks her up and sweeps her away on a grand adventure. Tulip must find her way home, while befriending a cute robot and a brave corgi king along the way. (Maybe the mysterious glowing number on her hand will have the key to her return?)

I won’t spoil it now, but this show has so many wonderful twists and turns, and is entertaining all the way through the last episode of the third season.

Although an amazing show, it has failed to pull in enough viewers to renew for it’s fourth season. However, fans of the show have taken to TikTok to try and save this brilliant series. Maybe with enough luck and effort, we can save it from its cancellation.

Featured image courtesy to Cartoon Network.

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