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Guide to a Crystal Starter Pack

With the rise of spirituality on social media sites such as TikTok, many teens are taking a new interest in activities like tarot cards, meditation, astrology charts, and the powers of crystals. Many, like myself, want to explore the healing powers that certain minerals are said to hold. But where should one start? Which crystals and stones are right for each individual? In this article, we will look through some crystals that all beginner spiritualists should have, as well as how to start using them.

Rose Quartz

The first very popular crystal is one you’ve probably heard of: Rose Quartz. The main attribute of Rose Quartz is its love properties and feminine energy. It is said that this crystal emits a soft, peaceful energy that helps one realize and strengthen relationships. Even in ancient times, Rose Quartz was seen as a token of affection or love between two people. Many Rose Quartz stones come in the shape of a heart, which are said to channel even more loving energy within one’s life. In order to harness this energy, you can keep a polished rock with you to let new love in, or you can put a larger piece at the heart of your home to reaffirm existing bonds with family or friends.


Amethyst is another common stone that is said to help with stress while promoting relaxation. The main goal of this crystal is to protect the wearer from spiritual harm while also relaxing them. Additionally, it is said to help people fall asleep at night. It emits a gentle vibration that de-stresses while purifying auras in order to tranquilize the owner. Amethysts can be used in its raw crystalized form, or tumbled to fit in your hand. This stone’s goal is to relax you in order to make life a little easier. To utilize Amethysts’ power, keep a cluster next to your bed for sleep benefits, or keep one in your pocket to alleviate anxious thoughts.

Black Obsidian 

Having negative thoughts? Try keeping a Black Obsidian stone around with you. Along with banishing a gloomy mood, this mineral is said to unleash a fiery energy for the wearer, and is used heavily in mediation practices. It has a powerful cleansing aura, and is said to dissipate confused thoughts to help wearers see things clearer. If you have trouble distancing from negative things or people, Obsidian can help bring clarity to the “right path” while helping one gain a clear conscience. The stone helps ground users, and promotes a positive state of mind. Carry around one to have good vibes throughout the day, or you can sit with one at the end of your day to help alleviate bad thoughts or experiences. 

Green Aventurine

If you are looking for a healing energy, Green Aventurine can help you out. As the stone of rebirth, growth, and nature, it brings the owner rejuvenating aura and is said to help restore balance in one’s life. The reflective mica under the surface of the stone is said to carry deep musical properties. It is thought that Aventurine brings luck and good tidings to your life. On the more physical side, Aventurine can help with heart problems, and is said to bring energy to those recovering from illnesses or recent surgery. The main goal of wearing this stone is to heal from past wounds while reaching inner harmony. Instead of wearing this stone, simply place it in your hand while meditating to unlock its potential for spiritual healing. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is the stone of living boldly and bravely. If you feel as if you keep missing out on opportunities and want to have more courage, keep a Tiger’s Eye around to help you make more decisions and take chances. The crystal uses sun and earth elements, giving it a grounding and inspiring vibration. You can also use this stone to balance toxic emotions and return to a steady state of mind. It was said in ancient times that wearing a Tiger’s Eye would bring soldiers strength and protection while going into battle. The stripes were meant to invoke the fierce nature of a tiger, and bring the wearer more motivation to complete their goals. Additionally, it is said that this crystal can bring wealth and fortune into the owner’s life. Keep one around with you throughout the day to give you an empowering vibe. 

Smoky Quartz  

Another quartz stone, Smoky Quartz, is said to bring balance while ridding owners of maddening thoughts while bringing balance. With this crystal, protection is its main goal. It calls upon the element earth, which is used for grounding you and keeping harmony in your life. The stone is also meant to get rid of negative thoughts such as anxiousness and depression, while warding off future pessimistic thoughts. Utilizing a grounding vibration, this stone gets rid of scattered thoughts so you can go through your day with a more clear mind. To harness its power, one can meditate with the end of your day, or it can be placed within a home to foster peace and balance.


Being the crystal of cleansing and purifying, Selenite is one of the easiest to use and doesn’t require constant “recharging.” If you feel like your life is buffering, Selenite can help press that refresh button. It gives off a gentle vibration that some describe as a white light. Whether it’s in a wand, necklace, or in a freestanding form, you will be able to feel the effects of this crystal on your life. Channeling divine feminine power, Selenite can help you connect with angelic powers while shining its white light to help users in their darkest moments. This crystal can also be used to cleanse other crystals. Keep your own Selenite in or near a window so it can soak up the sun’s light and provide a sense of rejuvenation throughout your day.  

Blue Chalcedony 

The last stone in the pack, Blue Chalcedony, is the stone of “communication and expression.” It is said to help the owner focus on what they are actually trying to say, rather than what keeps getting in the way. Have confidence in what you say when keeping this crystal nearby: It helps connect you with your subconscious thoughts in order to know what you really want. Chalcedony radiates a gentle and calming vibration, which is said to help the owner take it easy and unwind. Historically, this stone was used to ward off evil spirits and shield users from unwanted bad energy. Along with communication, this crystal is rumored to help with psychic abilities while providing more mental flexibility. Use this stone to help clear out lies and deceit in your life! Chalcedony is ideal to keep around your workspace to promote creativity, or to carry around in order to encourage good communication if you’re feeling shy. 

Whether or not you use these specific stones, make sure to do your own research on which ones are a good fit for you. There are hundreds of others that are said to give off different energies and help in different ways that could be more beneficial for your life. Remember to always spend some time with your new crystals before trying to integrate them into your life, and remember to cleanse them once in a while to restore their energy. The types of cleansing you should use depends on what crystal you have, so you should do additional research to see which strategy works best for you. Regardless of if you believe in the powers of crystals, their beauty is inarguable: they are still beneficial even if you’re merely admiring their beautiful patterns and keeping them around just to look at!


  1. Cindy Kitzrow Cindy Kitzrow

    You’re AMAZING Olivia! Very interesting article.

  2. Mr. Morley Mr. Morley

    I wish meditation was not lumped in with these other “evidence-free” ideas : )

    It sounds like you spend at least 2 weeks on this. Who is the hand model you used?

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