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The Return of the Mullet

The nightmarish COVID-19 pandemic has brought many new trends back to life. As if the coronavirus wasn’t bad enough, this year the mullet has returned in full swing. 

The term “mullet” originated from the 1994 Beastie Boys song “Mullet Head.” Although you may think of popular names such as Billy Ray Cyrus or David Bowie when you think of mullets, the hairstyle has a pretty extensive history dating back to ancient Roman times. Rebels would use this cut for warfare purposes, as it kept their necks warm and dry while making them harder to grab during battle. Helmets fit better with this style, and warriors’ hair was effectively kept out of their eyes.

The mullet was quickly popularized by famous musicians like David Bowie in the 80’s; However, right after its peak in popularity, it became a symbol of having a low income and being dirty. Now, it’s everywhere you look—so what happened? The mullet has come back in full swing, and it’s only the beginning of this old trend’s revival.

I promise, you are not crazy if you are considering getting a mullet. How could you resist following the in the footsteps of so many A-list celebrities? If you aren’t quite ready to go full mullet, the shag haircut is definitely for you. This cut has lots of layers, choppy ends, and whichever bangs you prefer. It has the perfect, effortless look. While you might be thinking you want to go to the hair salon and chop your hair into a mullet right this moment—think before you chop.

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