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FHE Sophomore Releases New Rap Single

Over the holiday break, sophomore Shadi Khamis (‘23) released his first single with the help of Jonas Dobson (‘23) and Nanda Murali (‘22). The song focuses on the stresses of online school. Khamis said that while writing the song that he “wanted to describe the stress [that] I was experiencing during online school, [and] wanted the audience to empathize [with] how I was feeling at the time.”

Upon the song’s release on December 25th, 2020, the single grabbed the attention of the Forest Hills Eastern community, gaining 1,000 streams “within an hour.” “[For my first song ever], I couldn’t believe it. [Both] Jonas and Nanda were just as astonished [as I was]” Khamis said. “Everyone was reposting our song [on their] social media.” 

While Shadi wrote and rapped most of the song, he said that he could not have done it without the help of his producer Jonas Dobson. “Most of the work was done by…Jonas, who deserves a ton of credit,” he explained. Khamis also shared that the group managed to write and produce the song in “a little less than a month” before its release on Christmas Day. 

Shadi also received help from Nanda Murali, otherwise known as rapper Lil Naan. When asked about how Lil Naan became involved, Shadi described how  Nanda’s familiarity with the Soundcloud platform helped them to broadcast the song to its fullest extent. “Nanda, who has had several songs [that have received] over [one] thousand streams reached out to us when he heard [that] Jonas and I [were] making a song,” Shadi said. He also mentioned that Nanda played a major role in the creation as well as the release of the song “by [showing] us the ropes on how to upload songs, and [helping] us get over [two] thousand streams on it.”  He added that when Nanda asked about a possible feature in the song during the second verse, Shadi and Jonas couldn’t pass up the offer. The song has 2,316 streams as of January 20th, 2021, and is available to stream on Soundcloud. You can also find and stream Lil Naan’s other songs on both Soundcloud and Spotify.

Featured image courtesy of Shadi Khamis.

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