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Month: January 2021

Science Takes the Forefront of Policymaking in the Biden Administration

Among the many sweeping changes made in the early days of the Biden presidency, one has been a new and welcome addition to the presidential cabinet. The director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has been officially elevated to a cabinet-level position. This change has been well-received among the scientific community, as it is seen as a shift in policymaking that will focus more heavily on facts and logic. Now the question…

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FHE Sophomore Releases New Rap Single

Over the holiday break, sophomore Shadi Khamis (‘23) released his first single with the help of Jonas Dobson (‘23) and Nanda Murali (‘22). The song focuses on the stresses of online school. Khamis said that while writing the song that he “wanted to describe the stress [that] I was experiencing during online school, [and] wanted the audience to empathize [with] how I was feeling at the time.” Upon the song’s release on December 25th, 2020,…

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Hawks Gear Up and Look Back on an Unprecedented Season

In the past months, the class of 2021 has dealt with many losses, grief, and constant change. Yet in the sea of uncertainty, the Forest Hills Eastern Football team has managed to secure a season full of wins, anchoring our community together even in these times of social isolation. This season has been full of obstacles; yet, the shorter practices, constantly changing COVID-19 restrictions, and long periods of social distancing have done little to siphon…

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“Free” Holiday Returns

Every year, hundreds of thousands of gifts are returned after the holiday season comes to an end—this year is no different. An estimated $70.5 billion dollars worth of products are expected to be returned to companies, which is 73% higher than the previously predicted five-year average: this is most likely because of a massive increase in online shopping due to the coronavirus. After the 2019 holiday season, a record 30% of online purchases were returned,…

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