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Hawks “Wrap” Up 2020 With Their Favorite Tunes

As dubbed by Spotify, 2020 has truly been the “longest year.” Yet, through all of the change, music has remained a constant for the Hawks of Forest Hills Eastern. With the annual arrival of playlists across a variety of music platforms comprised of listeners’ top songs, came a revisited wave of emotions and the commemoration of music and its importance through these chaotic times.

“What a Friend” by Matt Maher: “This year was definitely weird. This song got me through so much. I discovered it a few years ago, but started listening to it again this year. I would usually listen to it when I needed a boost of energy, or when I was just feeling happy. It’s definitely an awesome song to dance to!” -Madine Whitmer (’23)

“Someone New” by Hozier: “This song basically helped me stay positive, and honestly I try to live by this. It’s basically about [Ho loving everyone he meets, and it has really helped me love people more, look into them more deeply, and find the things I love about them… I started listening to it everyday before school when [we] weren’t remote, and [now I listen to it] whenever I need to remember to love people.” -Sheridan Ruppel (’21)

“Ribs” by Lorde: “[This song] helped me LET GO! It’s the song I could cry to, dance to, and sing every word at the top of my lungs while driving down Knapp. I rediscovered [it] over quarantine, and listened to it every time I needed a extra push—which was a lot.” -Anna Rapaport (’21)

“Best Part” by Daniel Caesar (feat. H.E.R.): “I discovered [this song] almost two years ago, but I listened to it this year because it’s slow and groovy… that would help me cool my stress when I would sing along to it.” -Taylor Reynolds (’21)

“How I Survived Bobby Mackey’s Personal Hell” by Lincoln: “It’s just a good song to listen to. Yes, [it helped me through this year. I’d listen to it] all the time. Driving mostly…” -Olivia Benedict (’22)

“Bluebird” by Paul McCartney & Wings: “This song brought me a lot of joy, and even if it’s not my favorite genre, I can always relax and sing along with it. I [discovered] the song when I was in the can with my dad. He told me that he’s been listening to this type of stuff lately, and I listened and enjoyed.” -Quinten Powers (’24)

“Enchanted” by Taylor Swift: “I discovered [this song] at the end of last year, and I listened to it a lot in January, and it was a great song to fall asleep to. [It’s very nice to listen to], and the lyrics combined with the melodies made it a very peaceful and enchanting song.” -Nanda Murali (’22)

“Space Song” by Beach House: “I guess [this song] helped me realize the reality of my situations and emotions. I discovered it this year, and I basically just listened to it whenever I would listen to music in general (like when I was driving, doing homework, playing video games, or just chilling).” -Maya Gates (’21)

“Out Like a Light” by The Honeysticks, Ricky Montgomery: “I started listening to this song two days into quarantine… It was weird to listen to because it felt [like it could fit] into any mood. I’d listen to it really just whenever I felt like it.” -Andrew Vazquez (’23)

“No One Else” by Phillipa Soo: “I discovered this song pre-pandemic last year, in November of 2019 when Jill Pierangeli (’20) sang it in choir class. The lyrics paralleled my life very well, and the song stuck with me. It [was the soundtrack] to the winter of 2019. I would listen to it constantly: at school, at Model UN, at theatre rehearsals. It was an ode to the person I loved!” -Halle Mikula (’21)

“Oh Ana” by Mother Mother: “I really like this song, and it made me happy to listen to it, so it helped when I was feeling down. I did discover this song this year, and I’d listen to it when skateboarding.” -Al Christenson (’23)

“Mercy” by Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz: “I just like the beat. I discovered it back in September, usually I like to listen to it at night or in the evening.” -Kaden Douma (’22)

“Rusty” by Tyler, The Creator (feat. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt): “This song, along with the whole album (and just Tyler, The Creator in general), was a huge inspiration for me when it came to making music. I did discover [this song] this year, [Spotify] says the first time I played it was on Valentine’s Day. I would listen to it all the time, on the bus when I rode it, and later in my car.” -Will McManus (’22)

“To Be So Lonely” by Harry Styles: “[This is] the kind of song you could listen to alone, with people, in the background, or singing it at the top of your lungs.” -Aoife Klopcic (’21)

“Tongue Tied” by Grouplove: “This song makes me feel at peace when the world was going crazy. I discovered it a few years back but I started really listening to it this year, and I would usually listen to it in the shower or in the car, or even when I’m stressed.” -Abby Willis (’23)

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