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Gamer of the Moment

Who is the gamer of the month? The answer is simple: Thomas Dixon, one of my close friends, and a Forest Hills Eastern senior. I have known him since freshman year, and we’ve gotten along well enough. A crash course on Thomas: he is most well-known for an inside joke gone wrong, claims to be “born at a young age,” is a fan of grunge and alternative rock music, and enjoys mountain biking and “jumping off of bridges” (rock jumping). Thomas said, on the record, that “[he has] a general distaste for society” and he is a fan of the Joker (a prerequisite for being a gamer).

Here we have a section where I interviewed Thomas.

Why is Thomas a gamer? Thomas Dixon is an absolute gamer. There are three reasons for this: Firstly, Thomas is pretty good at Minecraft—he has a large amount of command block knowledge, as well as a grand selection of redstoning knowledge, is fairly good at building, and has even speedrun Minecraft once before. Secondly, Thomas is a coder, with his abilities that surpass even mine. According to a chat I had with him recently, he is learning to use Unity which utilizes C#. Once, he even coded a Wii Tanks clone for a project which was incredibly well done. He busies himself with other small projects, though the particulars of those are unknown to me. Thirdly, he has played Skyrim once, and that’s good enough for me. When asked to comment on his background in gaming, Thomas claims he “grew up on Wii Tanks and Pitfall.” Unconfirmed sources and rumors claim that Thomas Dixon has gone as far as to game in school, though you didn’t hear that from me.

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