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Advice For the Underclassmen: Sincerely, the Seniors

With much of their junior and senior years being tarnished by the coronavirus, it’s no secret that upperclassmen have had an abnormal amount of downtime. Because of this, many have spent copious amounts of time reflecting on their high school experience. 

Through an Instagram poll, I conducted a survey in which I asked upperclassmen to share the most impactful pieces of wisdom they’ve encountered while navigating these bizarre years.

  • “Change will happen. Expect it and be okay with it.”
  • “It’s okay to cry.”
  • “Do your homework.”
  • “Get a big backpack.”
  • “Stay true to who you are and don’t get caught up in trying to “fit in,” it just makes you unhappy.”
  • “Stop standing aimlessly in the middle of the hallway.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to talk to people—you never know if someone could be a friend until you say something.”
  • “Let yourself HAVE FUN!” 
  • “Do not procrastinate, it will destroy you. It’s too late for me, but you can save yourself…”
  • “Hang out and make new friends more often.”
  • “Try hard your freshman year! It counts for colleges!”
  • “Don’t care what other people think about you. MAKE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE!”
  • “Cherish every moment. A pandemic could happen your junior year.”
  • “Try out for the play, or sports.”
  • “Upperclassmen think it’s cool if you stand out and be yourself.”
  • “Keep your grades high! Even if you don’t want to go to a fancy school now, you might change your mind.”
  • “Be outgoing and enjoy yourself! The four years fly by.”
  • “Calm. Your butt. Down. Every C+ is not the end of the world. You will be just fine.
  • “Don’t trip on the stairs. Don’t walk into the bar between doors.”
  • “Open up and talk to people who you don’t normally talk to.”
  • “Don’t feel pressured to take the AP/honors track.”
  • “Teachers went through high school too, remember they’ll most likely understand what you’re going through.”
  • “Sometimes… quit while you’re ahead.”
  • “Enjoy the time you have: enjoy your friends, favorite teachers, favorite classes. Enjoy the moment.”
  • “Be unproblematic.”
  • “Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to one friend group.”
  • “Go out! Don’t overly worry about school. Make memories!”
  • “Keep your head up. Y’all got this.”
  • “Stop caring what people think… you’ll become a senior, and will realize it doesn’t matter.”
  • “Don’t take any experiences for granted—I only got 2.5 normal years of high school.”
  • “It’s all about mindset, and knowing you’ll come out a better person.”
  • “Do what makes you happy! Impress yourself, not other people.”
  • “Do everything. Try everything. You’ll regret not doing stuff that you wish you had done earlier.” 

Though our lives and school days continue to change, we must keep our heads up. As we continue to navigate this unprecedented time, it’s important to look to the horizon and recognize the good that’s yet to come, while also using this time of reflection to improve upon our present selves. Keep spreading Hawk Pride to our community, and hang in there Hawks. We can beat this.

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