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Ribbons for Mr. Hollern

During quarantine, Forest Hills Eastern suffered the loss of our beloved assistant principal, Mr. Tim Hollern. On October 17th, the football game against Catholic Central served as a fundraiser in Mr. Hollern’s honor. To raise money, the cheerleading team was tasked with selling small, $2 ribbons. The cheer team alone was able to raise over $400 in ribbon profits and additional donations, with all proceeds going to the Van Andel Institute for cancer research. At the game, the crowd was a sea of purple shirts and white ribbons, all commemorating the inspiring man who had such a positive impact on both schools.

Mr. Hollern, a former Catholic Central student and football player, continues to inspire students in both the FHE and CC communities. As a cheerleader on the sidelines, it was heartwarming to hear Hollern’s family name announced repeatedly throughout the game.

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