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Halloween Changes

Oh my gourd! Halloween is almost upon us. With its Tricks and Treats, scary movies, and tons of candy, it’s always a delightful time of year. Nevertheless, this year may be quite different, and we all know why. The spookiest part of this Halloween season are the setbacks COVID-19 may pose concerning this year’s festivities.  Recently, the long trek for sweets has been a hot topic of discussion. What are students going to do for one of the best holidays of the year, when it is necessary to wear masks and stay 6ft away from people? If you’re like me, then you’re a huge fan of fall festivities. But how is one supposed to have a ‘Monster Mash’ while keeping socially distant?  Here are some tips and ideas that are sure to get you ghouls in the Halloween spirit while keeping each other safe from the spooky virus. For starters, you should be aware of what high-risk situations you should avoid. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in traditional trick-or-treating, where treats are handed to children going door to door
  • Attending crowded indoor costume parties
  • Going to indoor haunted houses where people are crowding together and screaming
  • Going on tightly-packed hayrides or tractor rides with people from different households

These festivities are unsafe, and participants have a higher chance of getting COVID-19. So please be safe, be smart, and don’t be a jerk-o-lantern. Now that you ghouls know what to avoid, here are some examples of fun festivities you can do safely. Some low to moderate risk activities you should participate in include:

  • Attending an outdoor costume party where everyone wears protective masks and people can stay more than 6 feet apart (Costume masks can’t be a substitute for a cloth mask!)
  • An open-air, one-way, walk-through haunted forest where masks are required and people can keep more than 6 feet apart (If there will be screaming, greater distancing is advised to be conscientious of germ circulation)
  • An outdoor Halloween movie night with local family or friends, spaced at least 6 feet apart. 
  • Carving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying them.
  • Carving or decorating pumpkins outside, at a safe distance, with neighbors or friends.
  • Decorating your home
  • Having a virtual Halloween costume contest
  • Having a Halloween movie night with people you live with
  • Having a scavenger hunt for treats with your household members in or around your home
  • Baking Various Pumpkin or Fall desserts

I don’t know about you ghouls, but I’m dying to have some Halloween fun. This Halloween season, feel free to join in on these or other low-to-moderate risk festivities, and remember to keep doing your part in protecting yourself and others.  Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year it means you ghouls can stay out later and fit in more fun. Remember to stay safe, and have a fa-boo-lous Halloween!

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