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Girl’s Golf Returns to States

At Forest Hills Eastern, girl’s golf is often overlooked. Nevertheless, this year’s varsity team not only qualified for states this past weekend, they also secured the 7th ranking overall.

As we all know, COVID-19 caused sports to adapt so athletes could safely participate. Some sports were forced to make larger adjustments than others; golf, on the other hand, was lucky. Since  golfers had the ability to stay socially distanced, they were not required to wear masks. At matches, the players usually golf against members from other teams that have similar skill levels. To decrease possible exposure to the virus, the teams golfed with their own teammates. 

With only 10 members on both JV and varsity, the girls always form strong bonds with each other. Varsity golfer Phaedra Melin (‘22), describes the environment as a supportive one, claiming that “all the girls will have your back and support you, no matter how you play.” Another varsity teammate, Eliza Daniels (‘20), added that “the golf team bond is different than any other team bond I’ve had. I still stay in touch with past teammates that have graduated.”

FHE’s girls golf team has historically qualified for states every year, but the streak was unfortunately broken four years ago. Until now, the team had not since  states. This made the championship journey even more exciting, as the athletes believe it rekindled their team’s winning streak, which they hope to maintain for the years to come. 

When asked to give advice to future golfers, Eliza Daniels claims that a big part of the sport is to “have fun.” She stated, “a huge part of golf is the mental aspect and maintaining a good attitude.” Emotions can be difficult to battle in a sport so focused on the individuals: crying is okay!

Next year I challenge you to pay closer attention to girls golf because, chances are, they’ll be worth watching.

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