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Quarantine Puppies

Chances are, you know of at least one person who adopted a new furry friend during quarantine. Scrolling through social media, it appeared that every other family was showing off their new puppy. My family did not fall short in the trend, adopting a puppy in April during the midst of the puppy pandemonium. Since leaving home, hanging out with friends, and attending school were out of the picture, a new pet was an easy source of entertainment.

Nate Durham's dog

Although the arrival of COVID-19 brought few blessings, the puppies undoubtedly brought joy to all. As explained by Jenna Grzelak (‘21), “all of our attention was brought to the new puppy and we were able to bond over her, bringing us closer as a family.” Often unable to leave home, families were able to spend ample bonding time together. Similarly, Nate Durham (‘21), expressed how having a puppy is “something to always look forward to when you come home.” A puppy is like a magnet, everyone wants to be near it; they encourage gathering in a positive way.

While some puppies were purchased by breeders, others were adopted from shelters. Thousands of people applied to receive a new pet, allowing the shelters to clear much needed space. The industry quickly adjusted to addressing the new COVID requirements, allowing adoptions to continue over zoom or other services. 

Eventually, job centers began reopening, people began returning to work, and students began returning to school… So what became of the puppies? Fortunately, Jenna, Nate and I have parents who are at home during the day, and are able to watch the pups. Andy Evans, a teacher at Forest Hills Eastern, commented that the hybrid schedule is convenient for their puppy , and is hopeful that “by the time we all go back [to] full time [school], she will be okay being home alone longer.”

Images courtesy of  Andy Evans, Nate Durham, and Jenna Grzelak.

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  1. Leslie Littlefield DVM Leslie Littlefield DVM

    Well written Abby! It’s great that you considered the long-term commitment of adopting a dog too.

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