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Month: September 2020

“Why I Stayed”

This article discusses suicide. If you or any loved ones are considering self-harm, reach out to a trusted adult, a school counselor, visit for resources, or call 1-800-273-8255. You are loved, you are capable of amazing things, and you will always be enough. At such a time of mental and physical stress, as well as isolation and uncertainty, Suicide Prevention Month is more important than ever.  Heightened anxiety, depression, instability, and isolation lead people to…

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Mask Up

After six long months, students are finally back on campus. Our district has been pushing to enforce the importance of facial coverings in school settings: no mask, no class. Ignorance is not bliss for those who are immunocompromised. As COVID-19 is still in full force, wearing a mask is crucial. Wearing a mask protects more than just yourself. At this point, wearing a mask is human decency—it’s a simple symbol of care and respect. In…

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Rage Against the Trump Machine

It’s an impressive journalistic feat to be able to claim that once within your career, your reporting skills have resulted in the downfall of a President. But twice? Practically unheard of. Unless you’re Bob Woodward. Woodward’s reporting comes full circle, slamming the Trump presidency similarly to how he did Nixon’s during the infamous Watergate scandal.  In his newest book Rage, which is due to hit shelves September 15th, Woodward reveals new information concerning the inner…

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