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Games Without Fans – How This Fall Season Will be Like No Other

With all of the uncertainty we have faced this year, both athletes and parents are relieved that fall sports have begun their seasons. However, this season won’t feel the same without fans filling the bleachers. Forest Hills Public schools are only allowing two guests per athlete to attend the games this year.

This policy not only affects the schools, but their students as well. Sporting events are one of the primary sources of income the school receives to fund their athletic programs. These events also serve as one of the most popular social events for students. “I feel like we are almost being robbed of the experience of being a teenager…When you think of fall and school [starting], you think of attending sporting events and cheering on your school,” said FHE freshman Sophia Clark. Sophia is without a doubt one of the many high school students that have the same feelings about the policy. While this policy may frustrate many, it is currently the safest way for sports to continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many parents and athletes are thankful that they can have a season this year.

Even though students aren’t allowed to watch sporting events live this fall, you still have the option to stream the games via Twitter. You can stream all of the games/matches by going to the FHE Athletic page (@bsherm02). To find game schedules, go to the FHE Athletics website

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