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How Eastern’s Students are Spending Their Spring Breaks

As a result of this year’s outbreak of COVID-19, most students have canceled their plans to travel or spend time with friends during spring break. The Hawk Herald asked students to send in a photo and a brief caption describing an activity that has kept them occupied during the time off.


“I have been sleeping. Like, a lot.” -Abby Willis (’23)








“I’ve been vibing.” -Aaron Karafa (’25)









“During the break, I’ve been working on music a lot more. I might actually get around to releasing something.” -Will Mikkus (’22)










“I’ve been playing with my puppy.” -Gabe Rose (’22)










“I’ve been juggling my soccer ball in the driveway during quarantine.” -Alicia Kanai (’20)






“I’ve perfected my split jump over quarantine.” -Harrison Centner (’20)









“I have been spending a lot of time with my dog.” -Abbie Morrow (’20)
“During the break, I have been learning how to embroider. It’s really fun to be able to customize my clothes and get inspiration from other people at school like Halle Mikula, who also does embroidery.” -Megan Hill (’22)












“I’ve been trying to spread Hawk pride.” -Anonymus (“20)
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