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wndr museum of Chicago

The wndr museum of Chicago, Illinois, is a place where you can truly live your wildest dreams. It offers completely immersive experience. Walking through the hallways is dreamlike. The wndr museum has a wondrous selection of artists, ranging from world class, to new emerging, to the guests themselves. It’s a place where opportunity is everywhere, to discover, play, and ask questions. 

I was lucky enough to learn about this Chicago attraction right before my trip to Chicago. Many people come to experience the museum and take pictures. When a guest first walks in, after checking in with their tickets, they are given a map of the twelves rooms and how to navigate them. The first room is a circle of wires. There are cans that guests could use to put their ears up to the wires and hear different types of audio. Another memorable room contains a huge, white box. It is an optical illusion; it makes the person on the right end look twice as tall as the person on the left. My favorite room has walls lined with mirrors. With every step and touch, the floor changes colors.


Walking into the wndr museum feels like walking into another galaxy. Even the bathrooms have a fun and special touch; when the red button is pushed, disco lights flash and music begins to play. This is an experience like no other. It may be three hours away, but it is definitely not a spot to miss if you are in the Windy City.

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