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Swirl: the Lowdown

At this point of the year, with winter break at our backs and spring break barely on the horizon, Eastern students find themselves looking for a foothold to help themselves through the depressing winter months – a lighthearted event to provide them with an excuse to break from the melancholic rhythm. Swirl, the Sadie-Hawkins style winter dance, serves that purpose for many students. The dance begins at 7:30 pm in FHE’s Great Hall and lasts until 10:30 pm. Tickets are sold for $10 at lunch and $15 at the door.

While swirl is an annual dance, the student government has been working especially hard this year to smash the stigma that the winter dance is not as exciting as homecoming or prom. “Student government has dedicated a lot more time toward the planning of swirl [this year],” commented Nate LaHuis, co-president of Student Government. “Because of the great decorations and upbeat music, we think this is going to be the best one yet.” Student Government enlisted the service of the acclaimed homecoming DJ’s, who pleasantly surprised Eastern’s students with their competency back in October.

Contrasting prior swirl dances, this year Eastern hosted a mock-Oscars poll to vote for a swirl court consisting of four people per grade, nominated by their peers for titles such as “most likely to have their own TV show,” and “most likely to be the next famous TV chef.” The winners of the categories will be announced on Friday at the pep assembly.

    • Categories include:
      • Most likely to have their own TV Show
      • Most likely to be the next famous TV Chef
      • Most likely to make it big on America’s Got Talent
      • Most likely to be the next best stand-up comedian

Eastern students’ opinions on the winter dance vary greatly. There are people who adore the idea of swirl, and there are people who are impartial. In Ben McKim’s (‘22) opinion, “people should go [to swirl] because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” He argues that while the dance technically is a “Valentine’s Day dance,” it’s still worth it to go with friends and have a blast celebrating each other and life “before high school is over.” After all, “life is way too short to pass up an opportunity to have fun.” 

 Buy a ticket, let loose, and have a great night, Hawks! 

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