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Meet The Senior Bird-Dog Hockey Players

This year, the FHNE Boy’s Varsity Hockey Team has had a very successful season, partially thanks to three seniors from Eastern: Ryan Endres, Ryan Afton, and Kyler Lowden. These players have led their team to 10 season wins thus far and a 10 game winning streak that was recently lost to FHC. These boys have a rigorous schedule; they practice three days during the school week for an hour and a half each day and have weekly team dinners on Thursdays. Let’s meet our senior Bird Dogs!

Ryan Endres is number 3 on the ice. He started his hockey career at age 5 and now plays center on the FHNE team. His favorite memory during his career as a Bird Dog is winning back to back regional championships. Ryan loves spending time with his teammates, especially during bus rides for overnight trips. What Ryan loves most about hockey is all of the opportunities it has given him to develop friendships and make memories. Ryan looks up to Luke Glendening (Current Redwings player that attended U of M and EGR) as a hockey player. He plans to attend Hope College in the fall of 2020 and is unsure as to whether he will continue his hockey career there. 

Kyler Lowden wears number 29 on the ice and plays goalie for the Bird Dogs. He began playing hockey when he was 9 years old and has loved the game ever since. Kyler appreciates the number of lifelong friendships he has made through hockey. His favorite memory with the FHNE team is beating Forest Hills Central at home, with a score of 3-2. Kyler attributes all of his inspiration throughout his hockey career to his father, one of his coaches. He plans to play Junior Hockey in the future, and collegiate hockey after that.


Ryan Afton is a left-wing for the FHNE team and wears number 24 on the ice. He started skating at the age of three and has pursued hockey ever since. His favorite memory of his career on the team is going to playoffs and battling to stay in each year. Ryan plays hockey because it is the one thing that he can always rely on to relieve stress and he has fun playing it. Ryan looks up to Luke Glendening due to his strong work ethic. This coming fall, Ryan plans to attend Western Michigan University to study Aviation.



Make sure to get out to a game to watch and cheer on your senior Bird Dogs this season!

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