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FHE Bowling Team

The Forest Hills Eastern bowling team practices 4 days per week at Northfield lanes on Plainfield. The team competes in bowling meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and occasionally on Saturdays. Matches start around 3:30 and generally last around 2 hours. 

Raelyn Baker (‘20) is new to the team as a senior and has greatly enjoyed the season so far. Her favorite part of bowling is “the friends and the fries.” Making new friends and spending time with old friends makes the experience memorable. Kate Ottenwess agrees, saying “everyone on the team is friends” and that they “all love hanging out and bowling after school every day. Brooke Fausy (’20) is thankful for the opportunity to “learn a fun skill that [she] can use for the rest of [her] life with [her] best friends.”

FHE Men’s Bowling Team

Chris Tolly (’20) describes bowling as “a perfect opportunity for socializing,” and recommend that anyone who is “looking for some friendly banter should head to the bowling alley.”  According to Chris, another positive to bowling is that it can be done at any time: “external weather factors don’t affect the game. Rain or shine, you can bowl at any time.”

The team has fun with the sport but is also serious about competition. Last year, the team almost made states. Chris is confident that, with a strong performance at regionals, they will make it to the state meet this year.

One of the team’s traditions is“calling “hawk shots.” Every time someone gets a strike the whole team shouts out “hawk shot!” Come down to Northfield Lanes today at 3:30 to watch the FHE Hawks Bowling team’s “hawk shots” first hand!

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