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Eastern Anonymous Week 3

Another month, another edition of Eastern Anonymous! Feel free to submit your own to have yours included in the next post on February 25. Submissions are categorized alphabetically within each category.


Harrison Centner is a super fun guy.”

Bryan Daniels is so nice and fun to talk to.”

Jackie Emmorey is such an amazing singer!”

Emma Joppe is super cool.”

Cedric Steed is the love of my life.”

Elijah Valeros sings like an angel.”

Stephanie Vandermyde is one of the best singers I know. Her pitch is SPOT ON. Also, she’s gorgeous!”


Abby Brewer is one of my favorite people in the entire universe. She is so fun to be around once you get to know her. side note: I applaud her ability to tame her hair, I honestly could never, it’s so gorgeous.”

Maggie Mesler has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Jonathan Mouw makes me laugh so hard. I wish I had more classes with him. Seeing him all the time last year was so fun and I miss hanging out with his fun self. Please join crew again, we missed you during the musical!!!”

Anna Rapaport literally makes my entire life better.”

Taylor Reynolds is a g.”

Rohan Reddy is so intelligent!! He is also just genuinely hilarious and a great person.”


Ben McKim is an amazing friend. He’s always so caring & understanding and is filled with so much love for everyone.”

Tara Kloostra is SO SWEET! She gives off the best vibes of anyone I’ve ever met. She also has the best style, this girl never has an off day.” / “Tara Kloostra is gorgeous and has amazing style!”

Zoe Kukla is really nice and one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen.”

Alekya Vudathu is so sweet and pretty!”


Meredith McDonough is so nice and funny!”

Natalie Mouw is so cool and kind and has the most contagious smile.”

Aaralyn VanDrie is always so sweet and thoughtful.”

Lauren Walls makes me smile SO BIG! She has such a sweet heart. Each time I see her and smile in the hallway it makes my day. :)”

Sarah Zaruba is SUCH a sweetie!! I am so glad I got the chance to meet her during the musical. Everything she says makes me laugh or smile. I can’t wait for the musical with her next year!”


Mrs. Brasic works really hard all year and I always look forward to class with her.”

“I don’t have her anymore, but I miss Mrs. Kohlhaas and her fun sense of humor.”

Mr. Wysocki is the best teacher I’ve ever had because he constantly is trying to make learning fun for everyone. He works hard on coming up with fun activities instead of quizzes and tests. He is very involved with the students and makes sure to check in on someone if he notices they are having a bad day. I am so thankful to have someone like Mr. Wysocki as a teacher.”

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