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Eastern Anonymous Week 2

Enjoy this week’s batch of shoutouts! Feel free to submit your own here to spread some love right before Valentine’s Day. The next installment will be published on February 11th. Please remember to include both the first and last names of students in submissions. Submissions are categorized alphabetically by grade.


“I love Jaren Culp!”

Ella Meloche has a cool style.”

Josie Ness is so gorgeous and fun to hang out with :)”

Mia Tepic is gorgeous and wears the cutest outfits every day.”

Claire Verbrugge is so sweet and pretty and has a great style!”

“I love you Barl.”


Emma Erlenbeck is legitimately the sweetest person I’ve ever met. This girl does not have a bad bone in her body. She is so going to thrive in life.”

“Payton Harter is so nice and funny!”

Caleb Peterson is my dawg!” / “Caleb Peterson is hilarious and sweet!”

Rohan Reddy is one of the most selfless, charismatic, and thoughtful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”


Olivia Benedict is a really amazing person on the Mock Trial team!”

Jaisal Chopra makes my day literally every time I see him!”

Carli Kennett is a true leader and is so nice and funny and I just love being around her. And she has such a great style and great personality.”

Phaedra Melinn is literally the most beautiful, considerate, and talented best friend ever!”

Kaitlyn Seymour is such a sweetheart and I love spending time with her!”

Deni Tepic is really cute & sweet & talented.”

Aaron Williams is pretty cool.”


Trenton Brink is a fun lil dude :)”

“Shoutout to Payton Grispo for being a good student.”

Erin Longo is so cute.”

Abby Rush is so cute and kind, love her!”


Mrs. Blink is such a kind and dedicated teacher!”

“Shoutout to the ETV crew! I love the shows everyday, they rock!”

Ms. Gohlke has the best taste in music!”

Mrs. Noom is my best pal!”

“I want to get my hair cut like Mr. Sprik‘s!”

Mr. Tanis is one of the best teachers at this school.”

Mrs. Urban rocks!!”

“I’ll never forget the impact Mr. Wysocki left on my learning. I loved going to his class last year. He made learning so fun! Not only is he a great teacher, but he is an awesome friend. Thank you Mr. Wysocki!”

Mrs. Yelding is so sweet!”

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