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Eastern Anonymous Week 1

Enjoy Eastern Anonymous’s first batch of shoutouts! Feel free to submit your own here to be included in the next installment on January 28. Submissions are categorized alphabetically within each category.


“Shoutout to Emma Earl for being the coolest senior ever.”

Allayna Hight is so nice, beautiful, and a fantastic singer!”

“I like Sam Gilmore‘s shoes.”

Gabe Hassan is the best wrestler I have ever seen.” / “Gabe Hassan is really cute.”

“I’m in love with Joe Hoeks! He’s always balling like Curry.”

Adriana Lapham is good looking.” / “Adriana Lapham is amazing!”

Chloe Peters is good looking.”

Amanda Solem is adorable and so talented, love her!”

“I would like to shout out Conner Watson. He is so educated in theatre, performing arts, and movie production. He really helps bring the entire class up during 3rd hour Theatre II class.”

Carl Wiseman is a cool cat.”


Jude Cleveland is AN ABSOLUTE DAWGGG at basketball and a very sweet, kind, guy!!!!”

Isabel Gil is so sweet and looks amazing all the time!”

“Shout out to Mariya Jahan for being awesome!!!!!”

Halle Mikula is so sweet and beautiful and has amazing style!”

Emilee Mulder is amazing!”

Sydney Paalman is so sweet, super funny, and beautiful.”

Anna Rapaport is so talented and an amazing person!”


Grace Colburn is kind and thoughtful which makes her an amazing friend.”

Olivia Davidson is so nice she helps me with chem when I miss school.”

Grayson Klaasen is just so super nice and kind and no dictionary could teach me all the words I would use to describe how amazing of a friend he is.”

Ben McKim is the literal embodiment of sunshine and his hugs give me life.”

Hope Noyes, you are honestly a dope person and i really like to talk to you.”

Sara Plante is such a wonderful friend and is so smart!”

“I genuinely think that Emma Stapleton is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever been friends with, and I’m so glad to know I’m friends with such a person.”


Gabe Rios is a fantastic singer and also a super nice person who gives great hugs :)”

Payton Stark for being nice to me.”

Griffyn Trook because he’s always happy and kind to others.”


Mr. Evans has the best hawk pride! Thankful for you boosting the energy and appreciation for our school.”

Doug-E FRESH you are so awesome and we all miss you.”

Miss Hill is literally the best student teacher to walk these halls! We love you Ms Hill!!!!”

Mr. Kelbel is a fun teacher :-)”

Chris Thomas is a Champ Everyday!”

Mr. Wysocki comes in every day with a positive attitude and makes the classroom atmosphere much more enjoyable. He is always full of energy and knows how to get the class involved in only his 3rd year of teaching. I have had him for 5 straight semesters now and every one of those he has been my favorite teacher by a long shot.”

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